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    Customer Service

    In addition to the economic criteria, Green Life has developed a system to assess the environmental and social values for your sourcing project.Our processes enable you to make sure that human rights are respected and that the sourced companies contribute to the preservation of the environment.For any question of after-sales, please feel free to contact our engineer:

    Our assessment is of course very through. It checks the product quality, the respect of the eco norms, the traceability and the suitability of the production line. Our commercial offer is based on this assessment and the following criteria:

    *Best price & Highest quality products

    *An alternative mix price (product following environmental and social values)

    Our social and environmental assessment has 6 elements:

    *Safety and working conditions in the company

    *Respect of the human rights (working hours and child labour)

    *Salary policy of the company (minimum social protection)

    *Non-discrimination and equality in the company 

    *Emphasize the need for fair-trading with our suppliers

    *The purchase policy ensures the maximum use of recycled material in production

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